Jan 27, 2010


The unlucky residents of the community I live in have united against my husband and I. Retirement is indeed boring business and the bluehairs in my community haven’t been able to get used to the fact that the community can no longer keep their houses from foreclosure without renting. They lose not one opportunity to remind us, or Dear Husband since he is the one they talk to, that they made an exception with us and we should be thankful. These people have way too much time in their hands.

Today, on our way to work, we got a call from the management company saying that several residents had complained about Zoey, my part pit bull part hound dog. Apparently the residents are afraid of Zoey. Yes, of Zoey, my dog who pees in the floor if you yell at her and squats into submission to the Chihuahuas in the street. Yeah that's my mauling, dangerous beast.
There is one problem in this whole equation that these too-much-time-in-their-hands fools didn’t count on. ME. MOI. YOURS TRULY. They probably thought they would complain and we would slink away from the community, dog in tow or simply get rid of Zoey to appease their fool fears of a dog that has never shown any sign of aggression. What they didn’t count on was on my crazy ass. Because let me tell you something I am ready to take this as far as it fucking needs to go. If I have to hire lawyers, contact the ASPCA and PETA if I have to bring the fucking newspapers to my house I will. I have way more energy than they do and I have being right on my side and more importantly they couldn’t have chosen a worse bitch to mess with because of all the people they could’ve gone against they chose to go against the one that is itching for a fight.
The issues about pitbulls was brought to light to me when I got Zoey. I knew people were afraid of them but one gets hand to hand knowledge of just how deep that fear goes when you are the one walking them down the street. I have never been afraid of them since I am not stupid and choose to form my own opinions on things instead of being told what to believe.
If people bothered doing some research about it they would find out that the pitbull's reputation is unfounded and the gangster rap movement is one of the many things to blame for giving Pitbulls the bad reps they sport today. Between that and the dog fighting problems the Pitbulls have become victims of a witch hunt, pitch forks and all. Before that the American Pitbull Terrier used to be the dog that represented the U.S. during WWII.
Everybody thinks that Pitbulls have a genetic predisposition to be aggressive, when in reality they were bred for companionship and to be service dogs, therefore any dogs that showed aggressive behavior was immediately terminated. Drastic measures if you ask me but it is what makes the pitbull the good dog it is today. Helen Keller’s dog was a Pitbull and many other Pitbulls serve today as search dogs and service dogs for the blind and handicapped.

I wish people would stop eating every spoonful of shit the media feeds them. In reality beloved Labradors have a higher number of attacks in the U.S. than Pitbulls do but the media doesn’t find that as entertaining as putting in the news that a Pitbull bit his owner or a neighbor.

I truly hope this doesn’t get to the point where I have to be a major bitch and then alienate ourselves from the community but my personality doesn’t allow for me to bend over and take it. If they think I am going to take in consideration their age or their fears they are sorely mistaken. So I guess we are going to the mattresses.
Residents of Community don’t “Beware of Dog” but definitely Beware of this Bitch.


Jess said...

I support you completely on this. Seriously people, get a grip on the damned Pit Bull fear. My downstairs neighbor has two rescued Pit Bulls, and they are quiet, timid, and freakin' afraid of my dumbass chihuahua/min-pin mix, even when he's wearing his lame assed sweater!

Mel82 said...

Lol, I have to see a picture of your dog with the sweater!

To be honest the thing that pisses me off the most is that the fear couldnt be more unfounded, Zoey doesnt bark or growl. If she was any other breed they wouldn't be worrying about her because she is so incredibly sweet.

She is a happy dog who loves everyone, and wants to lick any available patch of skin on her path. She is incredibly smart, responsive and even though she is insanly strong she is also gentle and careful, she plays with my mom's dog who is 4 pounds she is so gentle!

I so wish people would stop and see that any flaw in character, any error in behavior, any anti social tendency a dog has is not because of breed disposition or a genetic problem but ALWAYS because of the owners.

My husband is taking everything more calmly but I am fucking ready to take some heads off. Lol as you could read in the post.

Por la carretera said...

to my dear bitch sister:

i looovee zoey and gigi pictures.!
and the one in the front with zoey drooling all over her bed. give it a big kiss in her pinky nose on my behalf!