Apr 10, 2013


Hi everybody! It has been a while since I was here. As you know my abuelito passed away in January. Even though I came to terms with his passing (he was 99 after all) and I don't feel sad but happy when I think of him, I still feel a bit weird about my life now.

So much has changed. I am legal now. My permanent resident card sits on the chest where all my important documents are. I have a Driver's License. I flew to see a friend, just because I could. I can buy my own alcohol because I have a valid form of ID. I can drive! I have my very own car. More importantly, I am done, with all the hoops, done with the fear, all the lawyer fees, the run around. I am done with the paranoia and the shame you feel as if you had done something wrong.

My only crime is the crime of many, who came to this country in search of something better something more. To work, to study, to fall in love, to live.

I saw this video on Facebook page this morning and I cried on my desk at work. My Venezuelan boss asked me if I was okay. I said it was my allergies (it is spring after all!). My Bulgarian coworker offered me some Zyrtec. The Argentinian accountant offered me her box of tissues, the Colombian cleaning lady made me a cup of coffee (she happens to be my mom).

I want to share this with you. I want to put a face to the millions of people who aren't as lucky as I am, the millions that unlike me aren't free of the stigma of illegality. 



MultiKultiLOVE said...

hello dear,

while surfing i saw ur blog, which took me right a way.
i am living in a relation ship in switzerland with a man who lived for years as an illegal.

Ebizzle said...

when are you coming back, I miss you and your adventures.

Mel82 said...

Thank you for reading and wanting to read some more. I just posted something new :-)

kaia Femme said...

Omg, i just found your blog, love it, this remind me of me, im in the position that you were before, even thou i know know you im very happy that you got it (documents) yay ;) if you dont mind saying, how you got it?