Sep 29, 2009


There are few things that piss me off more than celebrities that feel the need to tell the world of their political views….Okay I am lying, the fact is usually celebrities and I are of one mind when it comes to politics since I am a flaming liberal (as my dear husband calls me) and they are too. But one thing about celebrities that does piss me off is when they go off to talk about another country’s problems, and their politics, their people and get their fucking noses in when they didn’t even know where the fuck that country was until some sort of drama occurred and now all of the sudden is marketable to get involved.

Take for example Courtney Love and Chavez who met a few weeks ago at the Venice Film Festival where Mr. Oliver Stone presented a movie called "South of the Border" which main’s subject is Hugo Chavez and his presidency.

I would have appreciated an impartial view of the way Venezuela is at the moment and what it was prior to Hurricane Hugo, but the fact that the movie depicts Chavez as a savior of the Venezuelan people just pisses me off. Not only is he getting his fucking nose in business that does not concern him since he is neither an ambassador of a country or a UN representative or anything like that but he also tried to meet with the FARCs (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) and said:

"I do think that by the standards of Western civilization they go too far; they kidnap innocent people. On the other hand, they're fighting a desperate battle against highly financed, American-supported forces that have been terrorizing the countryside for years and kill most of the people. FARC is fighting back as best it can and grabbing hostages is the fashion in which they can finance themselves and try to achieve their goals, which are difficult. They're a peasant army; I see them as a Zapata-like army. I think they are heroic to fight for what they believe in and die for it, as was Castro in the hills of Cuba”

I think Mr. Stone should start minding his own business and stop spouting nonsense and treating it as if his bullshit is fact. He based that comment on the knowledge compiled in a few days of filming in Colombia! Days, I am sure; he spent in a five star hotel somewhere in the capital. Why don’t you just shut up?! The insensitivity of his words knows no end, how do you think the families of the endless and nameless victims of the FARCS feel when this ignorant entitled arrogant jackass goes and stand on his huge platform and uses his power and his popularity as a director to indirectly defend terrorists who have wreaked havoc in a country for half a century?! Because not condemning is the same as defending when it comes to terrorism. There is no gray area, no middle point, no negotiation, no let’s-hear-their-side-of-the-story.

So not only have I had to witness Sean Penn defending Mr. Chavez and calling him a “great” man but now we also have Courtney Love wanting to fuck him (ew), Oliver Stone doing movies in his honor, and Naomi Campbell meeting with him (God knows for what disturbing purpose) I also have to sit here, away from the country I have been practically exiled from while these people with no true knowledge of how things really are go on and on about it.

I would fucking love to see how any of them would survive a year in Venezuela with the sudden shortage of milk, beans, meat, etc. since the Monkey that sits in the president's chair came to power.

If any of them lived in the country and were against the president they might find themselves without a TV to act, or produce, or model, or direct or…whatever the hell Courtney does. The irony is amazing since they all belong to the media in some way and Mr. Chavez has closed down TV and radio stations, newspapers and magazines arbitrarily since he became president! Well not arbitrarily of course, the media that opposes him, the media that speaks against him, the media that tells the truth, the media that won’t shut up and let him run this toy that Venezuela has turned into.

So, please PLEASE Mr. Stone, do what you do best, direct movies, entertain the rabid mindless masses and shut the fuck up.

Courtney, go snort another line.

Naomi, go abuse some spic lady that cleans your house. That always seems to cheer you up!

And Sean…just go back to your thing, fucking everything that moves behind your wife’s back, have some vodka for breakfast and go back to playing mentally handicapped. You have so much practice at it and do it so well…


Fearsome Comrade said...

And Castro, such a hero, fighting for what he believed in. Oh sure, he just so happened to believe in enslaving the entire populace and turning the island into a prison, but hey, he believed in it.

Also, flaw in your theory: If our Hollywood heroes lived in Venezuela, they would be propaganda ministers for Chavez and probably live quite well.

Mel82 said...

You are right, people like these have a way to land on their feet like cats. If they were in Venezuela they would be living the high life as supporters of Chavez.

Thank you for reading and thank you for commenting.

Anonymous said...

Creo que deberías de medir un poco más tus palabras. Tú tienes idea de verdad de lo que pasa en Venezuela? o de lo que realmente pasa en estos países dirigidos por "dictadores"?...Te recomiendo leas el libro "Confessions of an economic hitman" para que abras un poco más los ojos.

Mel82 said...

Gracias por la recomendacion del libro, lo sacare de la biblioteca y tratare de leerlo.

Para responder tu pregunta. Si, si tengo idea de lo que pasa en Venezuela, naci en colombia pero me mude a Venezuela a los 2 años Y vivi ahi hasta los 19. Mi familia vive toda en Venezuela y la situacion politica es la razon por la que estoy aqui en los Estados Unidos.

No daria mi opinion de una manera tan decidida si no hubiera experimentado el cambio por mi misma.

Gracias por comentar y espero que sigas leyendo a pesar de no estar de acuerdo con los comentarios.