Sep 14, 2009


My break finally came when I was at the end of my rope. I had been at McDonald’s for a year and half and gone from crew member to trainer to manager because I figured more responsibilities would make the job more interesting (what the fuck was I thinking?). I remember the moment I walked toward my job interview, driven by my then boyfriend (who was also a manager at McDonald’s) and in I walked to the office where my future boss worked smelling of fries and tracking bits of nuggets that stuck to the indents in my non-slip shoes.

FUN FACT: Those “non-slip” shoes, are as slippery as eel poop.

I think he (my future boss) took pity on me and my desperation and hired me on the spot even though I had no clue how to use the basic programs in the computer that I was required to use. He hired me anyway. He took pity on me or as I like to see it I was fated to be rescued by him. MM took one look at me and saw a lot more than met the eye (a la Optimus Prime). He saw in me something I didn’t even know about myself. And for that I will be forever thankful.

I walked toward those double glass doors and like the geek I am actually gave two weeks’ notice. I left one Saturday afternoon after a ten hour shift of standing on my feet and listening to bitchy costumers complain about their biscuits and the runny eggs. I said NO (it might have been “fuck no”) without a shred of guilt when they asked me to work Saturdays until they could find someone who could cover my shift. I left that damned place without a second thought or a backward glance and feeling as if I had been freed from imprisonment.

I took another tiny and shaky baby step toward independence… And it felt gooooood.

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