Jun 22, 2010


To those of us following the wildfire-like spreading of the Arizona immigration law, or similar laws inspired by it, it is discouraging to see that now a small town in Nebraska is trying to flush out its illegal immigrants. The funny (not funny ha-ha) is that Freemont, Nebraska doesn’t have an illegal immigration issue. They don’t even have an unemployment problem since their unemployment rate is 5 points below the country’s average.

So what exactly is the reasoning behind that law being applied in Freemont? They aren’t overrun by them so what exactly is the point of bullying out a group of people who are minding their own business? They aren’t stealing any jobs, and they aren’t creating any violence, they are not a nuisance, or dependent upon the state since as illegal cannot claim any help, so what is the beef to put it bluntly?

I haven’t written in a while. I guess the fact that there is nothing nice to say dries out my creative juices. All I hear is the oil spill and the racist immigration law who keeps popping up everywhere, mutating like all diseases into something more and something worse.

I was in bed the other day and I realized that this blog and some of the things in it might be interpreted in a way that could be detrimental to my case. I am married to a wonderful man, have a wonderful family, an amazing dog, a beautiful cat, a great life. I don’t want to risk all that I have accomplished because of some things I said through here.

It seems like a good idea to pause, to wait until I am not just one more of those unwanted individuals that they are trying to get rid of. Once I am here as a resident, once I become visible again then I can speak come back here and do what I love, talk shit and tell you what I think.

Right now I am just one more nameless face. Hopefully by the end of the summer I will be so much more.

I wonder if once I am a resident and later a citizen I will stop caring about those who aren’t because the issue doesn’t touch me anymore. I hope not. I hope I always care enough.

So, farewell for now. I will be back soon!

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