Mar 15, 2011


I knew today will be the day for a positive post. I knew I would see the blessings around me and realize that yes! there are things in my life that I am not happy with (e.g. my work, the state I live in, the length of my legs and the fact that no matter how much I try my immigration process is not moving smoothly at all).

I just didn’t know it would take seeing a building being torn from its foundation by raging water to realize my complains, my grievances, my silly problems are nothing, absolutely nothing compared to what’s going on in Japan, or Libya.

I have been a little selfish, I must confess. But in my defense if you were me, with a decade of trying and not succeeding you would be feeling a little miffed yourself. Isn’t that the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results?

Perspective is a funny thing, it can bitch slap you in the face with a “get over yourself” or it can come subtly and sweetly like a pat in the head from another source. The video of Japan was the bitch slap. The pat came in the form of my smart and beautiful cousin, who like me had to struggle to get her paperwork done. It took her sweat, tears and heartache but she had it done. She is now a doctor at John Hopkins Hospital after having to start her medical degree from scratch.

What do I have to complain when an entire country is going through the threat of nuclear radiation exposure? Stupid me.

It’s very humbling when something like this happens and one is faced with just how inconsequential we are, how small our problems are. In the great scheme things is humbling to recognize our own insignificance.

I was glad to see that for the first time the thread wasn’t full of vile or spewing with hatred. All the people commenting were full of hope and good thoughts, prayers and words of encouragement:

“…Its times like this we should all realize were humans, and act like it. Not making racist comments to any race/religion. But to wish this group of people well, health, and a bright future. It doesn't matter whether you are Japanese, Jewish, Persian, African, or European. In times like this everyone needs to help each other out”

“…How pitifully small we are compared to nature. How ridiculous our puny and futile feuds when compared with forces like this”

“…After 9/11, the French president declared, 'today we are all American.' Today, we are all Japanese”

“…be well people of Japan”

“…God help those people who are suffering from this disaster, shelter them, feed them, and guide them and look after them they are your children. Also those who you have taken away from this world may their soul rest in peace and open the door of heaven to them. God bless all those who are living in Japan. Our prayer is always with them”

Someone named Kooties also posted this:

“…I feel so ashamed for complaining about the minuscule hardships in my life; God please help the people of Japan! I thank you for my life and everything that you've allowed me to have while I'm on This earth”

There is hope for humanity after all.

So, let’s pray to each of our Gods, whatever they may be, in thanks for simply being alive and in behalf of our brothers and sisters in Japan who so need us.

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