Nov 6, 2012

Election Day 2012

I wanted to take a little detour from my updates to celebrate that today is Election Day. I know that we all feel a bit cynical about politics, especially considering how vicious this campaigning has been. Nonetheless I always get his little thrill on Election Day. Maybe because I am almost 30 years old and I have never been able to vote. I was too young when I left Colombia to vote, I was never a citizen in Venezuela so I couldn’t vote and the same has happened here. Maybe is because I have always been politically inclined (two years of law school don’t go by in vain), maybe because I have always found the maze-like quality of the law, repugnant yet at the same time fascinating. Regardless of the reason, even though cynicism shows its ugly face, I can’t help but hope (go ahead call me na├»ve) that voting will have a positive change on the world as we know it.

I hope all the people that can vote do so. It is a right and a privilege and a duty I wish I had. Don’t waste it. Maybe you feel like it won’t make a difference, but where would we be if everybody felt the same? I don’t need to repeat myself, those who know me and the few who don’t know me and read this blog know I am so liberal I fall off the left edge. You know I am hoping Mr. President wins once more, and I get to see what else he can do in the next four years.

I know we don’t all agree and we all have different visions of what things should be like, but remember that is easy to be patriotic in times of plenty, but the true test of patriotism is to do the best for your country and your people when times are rough and there are struggles. Chanting U.S.A. Isn’t patriotism, wishing death on the president simply because you don’t like him isn’t patriotic. You have a great country, wide and diverse and crazy and beautiful. Show it some respect by giving a damn, by knowing that you can disagree and still get things done.

I truly hope Mr. President gets to have four more years to do what he started. If he doesn’t then I hope Governor Romney reverts to being the moderate Republican he was in Massachusetts and not the extreme Republican he had to be to get the nomination.

Tomorrow we will have a new future ahead, no matter which candidate wins I hope is a bright one.  

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