Dec 20, 2012


Watching the History Channel’s new series “Mankind: The Story of all of us” might not be the best to watch during the holiday season. Maybe watching Falalala Lifetime is a better idea.

Yesterday we were watching Episode 2 in the series of 6 and it was just downright depressing! What exactly have we learned since the beginning of mankind? Not much. Oh sure, we have advances in technology and civil rights for women and minorities have expanded in parts of the world, and we don’t have to die of a fever or for stepping on a nail or giving birth. Sure we have been to the moon (or not according to conspiracy theorist) and we can communicate across the world in ways never imagined 20 years before…. but mankind’s core remains the same, hateful and greedy.

All the wars and slaughter we learn about with cold detachment when watching the show, are the same wars as always. Wars started because My God is better than Yours, that land used to be my land, that money should be my money, that position of power you have is the one I want. The worst part is that historically it seems there is never enough power, enough money, enough land, and enough people dying in the name of their Gods to satisfy humanity’s apparent thirst for warfare.

The wars haven’t changed, the reasons haven’t changed the only thing that has changed is HOW we kill each other, more efficiently and quicker (interesting things to take pride on).

That is why I love this video that keeps floating about the interwebs: 

Why do I love it? Well aside from the fact that deep down I am a sucker, it is also because it gives me a little hope for humanity. Actually it doesn’t restore my hope for humanity, because humanity as a whole is just a cesspool of everything Mr. Grinch is (an appalling dump heap overflowing with the most disgraceful assortment of rubbish imaginable mangled up in tangled up knots). But it does remind me that individuals are capable of small acts of goodness and amazing feats of generosity.  Now more than ever we need to hope that as individuals we can be amazing.
Humanity is nothing more than a mob waiting for someone to attack, someone to hang and throw rocks at. Why? Because, because you are thinner, or prettier, or richer, or believe in Aliens, or don’t, or I don’t like your God, or you are brown, or white, or yellow, or a red-head, or a midget, or morbidly obese, or blond, a virgin or a slut. No matter what, humanity doesn’t need a reason to hate it just does. Why? Because that’s what society teaches, it teaches hatred and intolerance towards everything that is different from what you know. 

My sister says that every ill on this world is because of lack of love. If someone is rude to her in the bank/supermarket/bus she just thinks to herself “that person needs more love, a hug, a girlfriend, a good conversation, a shoulder to lean on” Love in her book, can fix everything and lack of love is the root of all evil.

When I continue watching this show and feeling as if we have learned nothing and that we have actually emotionally and spiritually devolved, I will try to remember those happy commercials when people actually act like a superior species.  Not because of opposable thumbs, use of tools, intelligence and accomplishments but because we are evolved enough to be good, kind, respectful of one another.

So go ahead, let’s not allow history repeat itself; open a door, give up a seat, hold that secret, don’t share that juicy gossip, keep the snark to a minimum, smile to everyone, give hugs, be nice, be just, be kind.  According to the commercial it only takes one.


Jess said...

And this is why you're awesome. I'm going to go share this on Facebook now.

Mel82 said...

Thanks! *blush*