Dec 27, 2012


Dear Reader,

In this post I will discuss the dangers of driving in Florida

Danger No. 1: The ever present snow birds, which almost always are way too old to drive and sometimes even turn onto oncoming traffic.

Danger No. 2: Drunk or hungover club rats.

Danger No. 3: Lazy/Stupid Fauna, which includes the following: Ditzy squirrels, escaped cats and dogs, too fat to fly ducks, slow raccoons and opossums, angry gators, misplaced coyotes and once in a while the random black bear, a deer or two if you are driving north and the scarce Florida Panther.

Danger No. 4: Canadians who actually respect the traffic laws and don’t know how to drive around all the crazy Hispanics.   The other North Americans that aren’t Canadian have learned to survive us and drive like us as a form of self preservation. If you can’t beat them, join them! (I’m looking at you Dear Husband)

Danger No. 5: ME!

That’s right. I am danger number 5. I am now legally roaming the Florida roads because dear reader, yours truly finally has a driver’s license. Hooray! Woo Hoo!

Not only do I have a driver’s license but after four years of saving I own my little adorable Mazda 3. Not the Bank, not the dealership, but Me, I, Moi! YO!!  I own it. My very own car with my very own driver’s license. *Insert victory dance*

I probably was the only 30 year old who took that driving test today. They actually announced over the speaker system in the DMV when the first timer’s got their DL. They were all gangly, pimply faced and sixteen. I was so grateful they didn’t announce my sorry ass over the speaker, being a 30 year old first time driver is kinda weird.

During the driving test the lady spent the entire time scolding me for driving with one hand (how am I going to use turning signal without letting go of the wheel?) and scolding me for talking back like she was my mom. She then told me that I passed the test but that I drove like a “latino”. She would know since she was Venezuelan from Caracas and people in the capital drive like maniacs.

It still feels weird to drive, even though I legally can and I know how, I still feel unsure, I guess cockyness will come with experience, right now I drive super carefully and afraid of everything on the road.

Another thing to celebrate is that I actually don't look bad on my DL pic, a Christmas Miracle!

Anyway, Florida drivers beware!!


Shaima Parveen said...

Undocumented Mexican Immigrant Interview


My name is Shaima Parveen. My 9th grade English class is currently working on a project centered about the concepts of empathy and misunderstandings (stereotypes, biases, etc.) in our society. I want to conduct a personal interview on the topic of undocumented Mexican immigrants and how they are misunderstood. I understand you may consider yourself a member of this group, know someone in this group, or work closely with people associated with this group. I have included my interview questions below. I would like to receive a response back by Thursday. Any help you can provide would be wonderful. Thank you so much for your time and participation!
1) Many undocumented immigrants came to America for a better lifestyle. Others have fled to America due to oppression in their homelands. What about you? What motivated you come to America?
2) Many Americans unconsciously use terms like “illegal aliens” to classify undocumented immigrants. Even in American dictionaries, undocumented immigrants are defined as “illegal aliens.” How do you feel about the use of such derogatory terms, used to refer to undocumented immigrants, like you? How would you react if someone called you an “illegal alien”?
3) Some people believe undocumented immigrants are depriving Americans of jobs by accepting manual labor and other jobs Americans refuse to do for cheaper pay. Do you agree are disagree with this belief? Please explain.
4) On October 10, 2012, a US border patrol agent shot 16-year-old Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez. The border patrol agent claimed Rodriguez was throwing rocks at him and he was only defending himself from Rodriguez. Do you believe the border patrol agent was justified in killing Rodriguez?
5) Have you ever experienced firsthand or witnessed victimization as an undocumented immigrant? Please describe your experience.
6) Many Americans believe undocumented Mexican immigrants are after the economic benefits in America. Yet, they are unaware of the fact that most undocumented immigrants only receive meager salaries and live in considerably cheap apartments. How are your current living conditions? Do you live like most Americans?
7) According to most Americans who oppose undocumented Mexican immigrants residing in the U.S., “America is a land of laws.” Is it always important to abide by the law even under such circumstances? Please explain.
8) Do you have any children that are native-born U.S. citizens? If so, do they receive the same treatment as you do in American society? Please explain.
9) In the TV series 30 Days, directed and hosted by Morgan Spurlock, two groups who have opposite stances on an issue are forced to live together. In the episode “immigration”, Frank George, a minuteman who is passionate about ending undocumented immigration, is forced to a live with a family of undocumented Mexican immigrants. Frank George is an immigrant of Cuban descent who has crossed the border legally with proper documentation. Do you feel that Frank George, who is of Cuban descent, is a hypocrite for wanting to end illegal immigration? Please explain your answer.
10) Do you want to be better understood by Americans? Why or why not?

I appreciate your help a lot.

Thank You
Shaima Parveen

Anonymous said...

Illegals have caused 60 hospitals to close down, cost California MANY Billions of dollars each year, we're charged illegal taxes called fees, surcharges, etc. to help our poorly-run government make ends meet in their attempt at hiding some of the actual expenditures for illegal aliens. Our low-income subsidized housing, free food, free cash monies, education, extra city resources (fore, police, etc., etc...), free medical, jobs once held by our students, seniors and US workers who've little or no-skills to do work we WOULD do (Hear that vote-out-Feinstein)! Illegal alien students get FREE college education while OUR children's tuition goes SKY HIGH these past several years (thank you stupid legislature & Brown-then-flush-it). Illegals in Los Angeles alone costs over $1.6 BILLION dollars, and the Democraps in California want to let the super-dangerous-murderous-rapists-drug pushers, etc.criminals out of jail, as they couldn't convince HAD-ENOUGH voters to subsidize more BILLIONS to prisons and jails FULL pf illegals, which BTW cost us $30,000 each/year, TOTAL cost of jail/prison for illegals over $1-BILLION year!

Should I go one and on and on and ....
Damn political parties, BOTH of the stupid Dems & Repub want illegals, as illegals suit the political hacks' needs, but we, THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES, have laws to protect OUR country. If you want to take care of the illegals then take care of them in their own respective countries, but, again, NOT at my cost! No one asked me if I wanted to adopt an illegal, and NO we don't EVER! Our ALREADY existing laws are NOT being enforced, which means ALL officials are continuously contributing to major criminal felonies, offenses, and activities in Cities, Counties, States and Federal Governments. These officials should be treated as criminals, of course.

Also, I notice that the MOST racist people I've met here in California are mostly Mexicans! I'm a nationalist of the USA, just like illegal Mexicans mostly like to be Mexican-nationalists above all else. The greatest six societies in all of history were destroyed by cultures who changed their culture to suit others they'd incorporated, losing their own societies. I LIKE the USA's culture, and YES people, we in the USA DO have a culture unique to other countries'. There's national pride in other countries, and I totally respect that, but we've got to stop being ashamed of the USA's culture. We can still be the greatest nation in the world. Just get our country back on track with laws, which protect its people, AND, vote out ALL political hack incumbents ! I mean, are YOU happy with the status quo? No? Then why keep voting for the same mistakes!? Duh! NOW THAT'S A NO-BRAINER! At least to thinking people.