Oct 29, 2009


I had an amazing conversation with some of the women I know today. After a few minutes of talking about marriage, relationships and how hard it is to keep the spark alive after decades, we got to talk about cheating.

Some said it was, regardless of who does the cheating, definitely something that both people are at fault for, one half because it does the cheating and the other half because it obviously not satisfying the other person in some level. Some of us said “fuck that” and agreed that the cheater is at fault for not doing the right thing and choosing to rub one off instead of confronting the issue head one.

What we all seemed to agreed one, regardless of who we thought the fault laid on, was the fact that we would all serve jail time happily if catching a cheating husband. There is something to be said about the fact that a group of women completely different background, nationalities (Russia, Germany, New York and Colombia) and upbringing could all agree on finding it perfectly excusable to cause bodily harm to the man that promised love eternal and gives us a VD instead.

What is it about cheating that makes our blood boil? Is it the betrayal? Is it the sex? Is it the possibility of them loving someone else? Or the fact that they lied? In a poll I found online women apparently thought it was worse for a man to fall in love with another woman, even if they didn’t act on it, than to actually have sex with someone they don’t care about.

As a child of a cheating man-whore I find infidelity unacceptable. I understand that monogamous relationships are difficult and maybe is childish of me to expect eternal fidelity but I would rather be dumped, divorced and never again thought of than to face Dear Husband telling me he cheated.

How do people recover from that? More importantly how do people walk away unharmed after confessing to it? I am not an aggressive person, I have never been on a fight, I have never caused anyone pain, I have never contemplate harming someone. But if Dear Husband told me one day he cheated, or worse I found out on my own, I don’t think I would be responsible for my actions (pay attention Dear Husband!)

So I guess murderous rage in face of adultery is another thing I have in common with my fellow Gringas and women everywhere.



talia said...

Well, I agree completely that when someone cheats it's not both people's fault. That's just bullshit. It's wrong, PERIOD. I don't understand why people don't have the balls to just confront someone instead of going behind their back and fucking someone else and then acting like the victim. I'd like to say that I would react rationally to something like that, but the truth is I'd probably go ape-shit on the other person xD

Mel82 said...

Some people have confrontation issues. They rather pretend everything is peachy kean and then go and betray that person's trust.