Oct 9, 2009


I don’t know who to credit with the idea of house warming parties, bachelorette parties, baby showers, bridal showers and all other celebrations that require a poor schmock to bring a present to someone who is getting more presents in a few days anyway (brides you know who you are!), or buying a baby swing for someone who is going to sit you down and make you guess the poop without offering some sweet relief in the shape of an alcoholic beverage share with you the joy of looking at baby clothes and breat pumps (I'm joking, I love every minute!) or buy a kitchen pot for someone who is going to offer you cheap wine and crackers in exchange of some household goodies. I don’t know who came up with it and to be honest I don’t care! I intent to fully benefit from the fact that it is an U.S. tradition and damn it I am shamelessly using it as an excuse to furnish my new house.

We have spent almost $1,000 in the new house (to those who are new to the blog I have recently fled the nest) and we still have no dishes (dear husband stained college plates do not count), no bowls to put a bag of popcorn or toss a salad in, no decorations, no toilet cleaner, no curtains, no cushions, no towels to match my pink roses bathroom wallpaper (don’t get me started) nothing! WE’VE GOT NOTHING! *cry hysterically in a corner*

People here have mastered the art of asking for presents for any reason whatsoever. Got engaged, throw a "I’m about to get hitched and sleep with the same person forever” party, got hired for dream job! Throw a “need professional clothes” party, graduated college! Throw an “I’m never going to finish paying that loan” party. As someone with a deep appreciation for presents (love giving them love receiving them) I cannot help but be amazed (and full of awed respect) at how easy it is for people to ask for presents (I bow to the masters)

I love the idea and I have been an eager participant of all kind of shanty parties for stupid reasons and brought presents because is the right thing to do, but even though I have “gone native” in this country and I am forgetting my Spanish and don’t kiss people in the cheek anymore, the Hispanic part of me that doesn’t throw house warming parties is a little uncomfortable by the idea because honestly I don’t know how I feel about telling people to buy me a new toilet seat because my bathroom came with one of those disgusting cushiony ones (yuck, ugh, nast and ick).

Ugh just thinking about it is making me move forward, I'm about to get over it.

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Anonymous said...

chica I was in the same situation 2 years ago...and I was too cheap to get stuff and my friends too poor to buy me crap (hello med school loans???) so I got hand-me-downs for pretty much everything...they will have to hold up for the next 10-15 years until I have money for my own stuff jejejeje