Oct 19, 2009


When I flip channels and see shows like “Toddlers and Tiaras”, “John and Kate plus 8”, “The Duggars and their 100 children whose names start on J” and stuff like that, I get the shivers. I do, I swear, every hair in my body stands on end and I get all goose-bumpy because the Catholic in me cannot help but remember what happened to Sodom and Gomorra after its corrupted society deteriorated to the point there was no soul worth saving and because I am logical enough to know that every civilization that has ever reached that point of decomposition has inevitably fallen apart (Rome, India, China).

Last week people spent hours watching “horror” unfold on TV as the boy with the balloon was searched for hours and everybody thought the worse when the balloon finally made it down and the child was not there. I don’t know what is worse, the media that turned the situation into a freaking circus, the people that watched mesmerized as if the possibility of a child plummeting to its death was fascinating, or people like me that have become so desensitized with media frenzy that we couldn’t give a fuck. Our give a damn is busted.

Now that the jig is up and we all know the family did that in the name of entertainment and in the hopes of getting a Reality TV show I cannot help but being disgusted at us for allowing shit like that to happen. These people didn’t give a flying fuck about the safety of their children, the breaking of the laws, the impact this manipulation could cause on impressionable kids that age all because “of their fascination with the limelight” as the lawyer put it. People will speculate about the kind of person that does that, but all I can think of is who the hell are we to judge them when we have allowed that to happen before! We celebrate stupidity, we celebrate lack of morals, we celebrate dishonesty, hair pulling, back stabbing, rudeness, bitchiness, arrogance, dysfunction, we celebrate everything that should be considered wrong and find it interesting and admirable. Fuck that, I don’t consider it interesting, I don’t fucking watch it. YOU DO (you know who you are).

And I do not appreciate the fact that this post is making me sound all sanctimonious and self-righteous, damn it! That is not the kind of person I am. But enough is enough! I don’t want to see another woman whose vagina has to be as wide as a subway tunnel because of her inability to wrap it up “because every child has been a blessing” (Come on!). I do not want to see Kate being a bitch to her child army because of John. I do not want to hear one more time about Wife Swapping, Bachelors, Bachelorettes, Nany 911, Toddlers and Tiaras, Shot of Love with Tila, Rock of Love Bus, Bad Girls Club, Flavor of Love, The Beauty and the Geek, Keeping up with the Kardashians, that Denise Richard show, and every one of those tacky, disgusting and low class shows out there that appeal to the lowest common denominator and make ignorant, self centered, greedy and power hungry people like the Hennes put their children and the family’s future at risk, breaking the law because of the possibility of a reality TV show.

Let’s rise above that people! Let’s watch some Animal Planet, Discover, A&E, History Channel. We can do it! Hell I’ll give up watching Dancing with the Stars, I will I promise. But let’s stop this nonsense. Let’s not watch one more Bachelor dump a Bachelorette on TV and pretend we actually believe is true. Let's not look anymore at OctoMom, Paris, Levi Johnston (prick has made me actually feel bad for Palin) and others who are famous for being famous! Let’s boycott shows like Laguna Beach and The Hills (Honestly who the hell watches that?) YOU people who watch that shit have made leeches like Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag crawl from under some muggy subterranean hell they should’ve never risen from! I will never forgive you for the fact that I actually know who these fucking people are even thought I have never watched that dumbass show. I’ll never forgive you, never, NEVER!

I swear if the Heene’s get a reality show after this, I am moving.

P.S: Okay, so I am in a bad mood today and I actually have no problems with the Duggars aside from the fact that they make money of the fact that they don't use contraceptives. Kudos to them for still having sex so long into their relationship, but really, is there a need to make a show of it? Is there?!


Adriana said...

hahaha! what about the housewives of OC? NJ? NY? GA?
i hate that show.
My gilty pleasure is America Next Top Model, Top Chef, and Project Runway. I can't live without them.

Mel82 said...

That's different though, those shows aren't trashy... for the most part. Project Runway is awesome because even when the people are annoying they ARE talented.

talia said...

I say we blame Jerry Springer. anyway, the only reality tv show I watch is the real "housewives" of Atlanta, and only because the little cynical person in me craves it >.<
But you are right, this whole thing has gone past the point of ridiculousness too long ago.

Fearsome Comrade said...

You could do like I do...instead of watching TV, read the Wall Street Journal.

Mel82 said...

Well I do need SOME form of entertainment. I think the Wallstreet Journal would put me to sleep. I dont mind entertainment or TV I just mind what people consider entertainmente nowadays.

Andrea Montano said...

I agree with you, only reality shows with contest of people who have *real* talent- that includes America's Next Top Model, lol.